Best Bat For Youth Baseball And Hw To Choose The Right One

When choosing a softball bats for sale for your child there are some points to consider. The size of the bat used should be in correlation to their height. The basic rule is the taller they are the longer the bat. Generally young baseballers of up to 5 foot 6 inches (approx.167 cm) in height will use a 24 inch to 32 inch bat and adults over 6 foot (approx 183 cm) a 34 inch bat.

Best bats for youth baseball general guide would be like this, A 5-7 year old starts with a 24-26 inch bat, an 8-9 year old uses a 28-29 inch and a 10 year old 29-30 inch. As they get older 11 and 12 year olds should use a 30-31 inch bat and 13-14 year olds a 31-32 inch. 15-16 year olds should use a 32 inch bat. The weight will also be determined by their arm strength and comfort factors. Certainly comfort is crucial so they need to have a few practice swings to determine if it feels right.

Selecting a bat that is too heavy can alter the timing, speed and distance and can start bad habits that are hard to break.If it’s hard to get speed into the swing then the bat is too heavy. Bats have a length to weight ratio which is used to determine their safety and suitability. This negative number is calculated by determining a bat’s weight compared to its length. An example would be a 32 inch and 28 oz bat would be a -4. Bats can be anything from a -3 used in adult baseball up to a -12 which would be a lightweight bat used for example in children’s sport.

The debate over which is the better material for bats continues as many baseballers choose the aluminum/composite bat. They are lighter, more durable and more cost effective. Wooden bats are not as popular but are used in professional baseball. When choosing a bat check the grips and make sure they are comfortable for your child. Rubber grips can lessen the shock to your hands when the ball connects but synthetic or leather grips can make the surface less sticky and make for a surer grip. The diameter of the bats handle is also a factor when choosing a bat. A wider handle usually indicates that the bat is a heavier bat but may have less sting on the hands when the ball is hit.

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