Car Care Mistakes that You Not Realized

Not a few users or car drivers do not understand the treatment of their cars. In caring for a car, each user has their own way. There are those who do maintenance at home or in car repair shops. In terms of caring for a car at home, it is not easy, especially if we do not understand how and sometimes we underestimate car maintenance itself. And the result can be damage to the car system. To know about car troubleshooting, you can visit our website.

And here are some mistakes that car users often make.

Turn on the AC at high RPM Have you ever done this while driving a car? Not a few motorists turn on or turn on the AC when the RPM is high. Then what’s the problem? Turning on the air conditioner while the car is driving and at high RPM can cause too much friction between the pulley and the pressure plate on the AC compressor and the engine work becomes heavier due to a sudden shock. Therefore, make it a habit to turn on or turn on the car air conditioner when the RPM or Rotation Per Minute is low or when the engine is idle when the gas pedal is not stepped on.

Start the engine in the morning The activity of stepping on the gas pedal when starting the engine in the morning is still mostly done by drivers or car users. If this is often done in your car, it will have an adverse effect on our vehicles. The reason why? Because the lubricant in the car is still not fully lubricated or lubricated when the engine is just started. This friction activity that occurs suddenly without oil can cause the life of your car engine to be shorter.

Balancing & Spooring Car balancing and spooring are apparently not done by car users. The majority of balancing and spooring activities are only done when needed or when the car has a complaint. We recommend that you check the balancing and spooring of your car every time you travel 10,000km or 20,000 km. The Balancing and Spooring process can also reduce fuel consumption and the tires will not quickly become bald because they are consumed by one side.

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