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Cooking Marijuana Leaves, Is It The Same Effect As Smoking Marijuana?

History records that since 10,000 years BC, the cannabis tree has been used as a cup for storing valuable objects. Apart from being a storage area, marijuana leaves are also a cooking spice. You must have heard that there are regional dishes that use this leaf as a cooking ingredient. Then, does cooking these leaves have the same effect as smoking marijuana? Or is it bringing benefits? Let’s check the truth on the website Marijuana refers to the dry leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. If you pay attention to this green plant has a distinctive shape, namely, the leaves are finger-shaped like cassava. It’s just that the edges of the leaves are serrated and the leaf bones are very clear. Apart from that, because of its unique leaf shape, the cannabis plant can also grow to 2 meters tall and is equipped with small flowers that collect at the top.

This notoriously controversial plant goes by many other names, such as marijuana and cannabis. Based on a report compiled by the University of California, this plant can grow in temperate or cool climates, namely in areas with sufficient sunlight, water, and air. Even under extreme conditions, cannabis plants can survive in concrete culverts along highways, a research team found in rural China found. Almost all parts of marijuana are used, both for medicinal purposes, for food flavoring, and entertainment. This plant is marketed in the form of weed (dried cannabis leaves and shoots), cannabis oil extract, and hashish (resin from the shoots of the cannabis plant).

Marijuana is known to have benefits in the medical world so that it is used as a medicine, both in the form of tablets, steam, and essential oils. According to Peter Grinspoon MD, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School explaining the content of marijuana for the medical world. According to him, some patients who use marijuana as a treatment experience several benefits, such as reducing pain and relieving anxiety and insomnia. Apart from medicine, it turns out that cannabis leaves or cannabis oil extract are also added to some foods, such as cakes and chocolate, as well as additions to coffee and tea. Well, how to use marijuana by cooking the leaves and adding it to food is known as edible marijuana. The use of marijuana in this way is believed to be a new form of marketing for marijuana to the wider community.