Do You Want To Turn Your Roof Into A Beautiful Garden?

Actually, not all houses can use the roof of their house to become green open land. To be able to create a garden or garden on the house, usually, the roof of the house is flat and made of concrete. There is no specific standard of how wide the ideal roof is for a garden. So, you can use a roof with a limited area. You can also hire Roofing Contractors Afton OK to help you remodel your roof into a garden.

The most important thing before starting to turn the roof into a beautiful garden is to make sure that there are no leaks on the roof of your house or the possibility that water could seep into space under the roof. It is recommended that you do the test first, try to submerge the roof with water for a few days. If there are no leaks, then the roof is safe to make a garden.

Then, build a water drainage system. Plants that are stored in containers or planted on concrete surfaces require a drainage system to control the amount of water in the soil, so that the soil does not store excess water. The water drainage system functions to continue the process of infiltration of water in the ground and then channel it to water discharge. The best drainage system in gardens that are made on the roof of a house is to use a drainage cell, which is a lightweight material consisting of hollow shafts (cells) that are used to drain water. Place this drainage cell at the bottom of the container you want to plant, then cover it with a filter fabric. The land is ready to be spread on it.

Before preparing a medium or module for your plants to grow, first determine the type of soil suitable for the medium. You can use a mixture of soil and manure in the plot module system. Unless you use a container system for garden plants, you can use any type of fertilizer.

Not all plants can be cultivated in a roof garden. Some plants have more sensitivity to sunlight, so if the sun’s rays are too strong, they will not grow well.

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